Man, this freshman crop of legislators Democrats elected this time around are really and truly some of the most uninformed and painfully annoying that we’ve seen. You know it’s bad when these elected officials make Nancy Pelosi look like the sane and level-headed one.

Take Ilhan Omar for example … what was she even thinking with this tweet?

Right?! The first president to enter the White House fully supporting gay marriage is totally discriminating against the LGBTQISXYZ community. The same president who has been working to stop the criminalization of homosexuality around the globe is a total bigot … she’s onto him.

It’s like they deliberately don’t get it.

Not to mention Ilhan is Muslim, and we know how that faith has traditionally treated the community in question.

But sure, tell us more about how mean Trump is for not flying a flag.

Well, of course, she’s pandering and balkanizing. It’s all she knows how to do.



This all day.

The American flag covers all Americans.

Orange man bad!


You know what, we got nothin’. Carry on.


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