Remember when Chris Cillizza swore CNN doesn’t pick sides when it comes to politics?


Because gosh, golly, and gee, it sure as heck looks like CNN is picking a side if we take their chyron to heart.

‘Biden to eviscerate Trump.’

It’s almost like CNN is trying to write like Twitchy.


Well, that and come on, a supposed news outlet reporting Biden eviscerating the president in a speech like it’s actual news?

From Mediaite:

CNN’s New Day previewed an advance copy of a stump speech that Joe Biden plans to give during a campaign visit today in Iowa later on Tuesday, and according to the on-screen chyron, the former Vice President will “eviscerate” President Donald Trump.

While “eviscerate” is a common term used for hyperbolic headlines, according to this word is defined “to move entrails from; disembowel.” Let’s just say that if Biden truly plans to disembowel President Trump during his speech, the Secret Service should be alerted.


Ok, not bad, Mediaite.

Biden is going to disembowel Trump?

Sounds a teensy bit extreme to this editor.


Biden manages NOT to say something completely offensive to one group of people and keeps his hands off of others … THAT would be breaking news.


Totally and completely objective.


We all know it, they might as well own it.


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