Dan Bongino has been front and center asking questions about and pushing back on the Mueller report. Especially about how it relates to AG Barr’s investigation around the origins of the Russia collusion hoax …

Now, believe it or not, if you disagree with someone on Twitter you can actually just ignore them.

Crazy, right? You can even mute or BLOCK them.

Who knew?

Only someone really desperate for attention would pick a fight with a high-profile account like Dan out of the blue …

Which is probably why John Ziegler tweeted this.

By now you’d think John and his crew might have figured out that most Conservatives are tired of being scolded by those who think they are their ‘better’s. But nope, which is really too bad because this editor used to really enjoy John’s work.

Such is life.

Dan responded:

A slam that also promotes his book.

God bless capitalism.

Calling Trump supporters a cult is really so 2016.

But then again, so is the NeverTrump thing so we’re not surprised he went this route.

He did set himself up though …

Hey tough guy?


Just walk away, John.




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