At this point, we can hardly blame Trump for being frustrated and irritated with these endless investigations. This tweet has gotten a lot of attention today because out friendly neighborhood resistance thinks his sloppy grammar means he’s admitting Russia helped him get elected …

If you have been paying any attention to Trump’s tweets over the years you know this was a grammatical snafu and not a confession. But let’s not pretend the unhinged Left won’t see it how they want to.

And speaking of the unhinged Left, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tossed her Socialist Democrat hat in the Twitter ring:

Earlier today we covered AOC melting down after Kurt Schlichter zinged her whole ‘hope’ schtick, then she was caught flashing the white power symbol and NOW she’s babbling about taxes.

And yikes, she really thinks the government owns our money.

This is nuts.

Something like that.

Ugh, don’t ask, we’ll be here all day.


So what else is new?

There are so many good responses to AOC we’re not sure where to begin, heh. She’s truly the Twitchy gift that keeps on giving.

Careful now, no talking about burgers around AOC.

We were told there would be no math.

Just sayin’.

It’s literally all they have left.


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