Elizabeth Warren would be better off just admitting she’s too chicken to attend a Town Hall for her hosted by Fox News. Instead, she’s chosen to double down on calling them a ‘hate for-profit scam,’ which even the ladies on The View didn’t seem to buy.


She seems awfully upset that a Democrat might watch Fox News.

Such a strange argument from somebody who supposedly wants to be president. Call us crazy but if we were running (NEVER) we’d want to talk to everyone, especially an audience that does not agree with our policies. Otherwise, you’re just preaching to the choir.

But let’s not pretend she actually wants to be everyone’s president. It’s obvious she has a real disdain for certain groups and certain ideas.

It worked for Trump?

And it’s painful to watch, right?

Good point. If anyone knows about a scam for profit it’s Big Chief Lieawatha.


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