Meryl Streep has come out against the term, ‘toxic masculinity.’


As Michael Knowles says here, even a stopped/broken clock is right two times each day.

From the Independent:

The three-time Oscar winner explained that she dislikes the term because, in her opinion, all individuals can exhibit toxic behavior, regardless of gender.

“Sometimes I think we’re hurt. We hurt our boys by calling something toxic masculinity. I do,” Streep said. “And I don’t find [that] putting those two words together … because women can be pretty f***ing toxic.”

She’s spot on here.

We KNOW, we’re as shocked as you are.

She IS making a lot of sense.

Whoaaa is right.

She also imagined a life where damage is done to ‘our boys’ with this specific term.

True story.

Us too, Piers.

Us too.


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