How dare John Cleese voice his opinion that London is not really an English city anymore. It’s like he thinks he’s English or something …

Oh, wait.

And moments after he tweeted this, a whole lotta stupid showed up to shame him for this opinion and imply that the Monty Python great is somehow … wait for it … racist.

We said it was a whole lotta stupid.

Holy cow.

John responded.

They don’t care if they’re ignorant and rude, all they care about is shutting down any ideas they find offensive.

And there’s the racism bit.


They really are so predictable.

He was nicer than this editor would have been.


You know she’s a blast at birthday parties.




John continued …

More polite.

More humorous.

Less tabloid.

Nailed it.

Monty Python could never exist in this time and he has to know that. Someone somewhere would be offended by the ‘Meaning of Life’ or ‘The Holy Grail’ and they’d try and silence these comedic geniuses.

This editor is so grateful to have grown up when she did.


They have to discredit John because he was being honest and they can’t have that.

Cultural, not racial.

But ‘racist’ is the hot talking point these days so …

Ding ding ding.

Now they’re going after him for not paying taxes … EL OH EL.

They never change.

John is clearly not ‘conservative’ as he has been very vocal about disagreeing with Trump and of course against Brexit. But that didn’t stop these yahoos from attacking him for wrong-tweet.


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