Another day, another sad, pathetic attempt by the traditional media to paint Trump as a disrespectful a-hole. You’d think by now they’d have figured out that eventually the truth always comes out but … not so much.

Here we go again:

Considering this story has pretty well been debunked at this point, we’re shocked Rebecca hasn’t at least pulled this tweet down. The Navy Chief of Information even reactivated their Twitter account to answer the claim.

Get outta here. The president wasn’t totally childish and wanted the name of a man he clashed with to be hidden?! Color us shocked. SHOCKED!


Oh, good grief.

It would’ve only taken Rebecca a little digging to find out what really happened but ya’ know, the narrative is way more important than the actual story.

Yikes, indeed.

It gets better.

Welp, that’s inconvenient, eh Rebecca?

Even Katy Tur is contradicting the original story …

Waiting for that retraction … any minute now.


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