Would someone please tell Molly Jong-Fast there are plenty of real things she could complain about with Trump since she’s a liberal? Surely she can screech about evil tax cuts or something not made up … like this nonsense.

Gassing immigrant children?


F for effort, Molly.

Shhh … she’s on a roll.

Don’t look at us, man, we just work here.

Oh, that’s right.

She knew damn well what she was doing with her phrasing, though. It’s much more dramatic and impactful to pretend Trump is literally gassing immigrant children because he’s super racist and evil and stuff.

With a wet noodle? Yikes.


Sounds a little bit like it.

What did Tucker say again?

Oh. That’s right.

And he was correct.


When you’re losing the anti-Trump types maybe just maybe you’ve misplayed your hand.

Yes, it’s all she has.

Sad, ain’t it?


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