Over the weekend, journalist Ian Bremmer pushed a fake Trump quote that (of course) went viral. People like Ana Navarro and endless media talking heads were pushing this quote like it was real because that’s what our good friends in the media do.

Create horrible news about the president and then spread it like wildfire, true or not.

Trump himself called Bremmer out by name early this morning.

We hardly blame Trump for being p*ssed off.

Thinking Bremmer got a little spooked by the president mentioning libel laws because he was falling all over himself to apologize … after Trump called him out.

Yeah, his apologies.

He’s super sorry he got caught.

We’re not holding our breath for Twitter to suspend Bremmer anytime soon.

This is probably as good as it gets for Bremmer.

Tough crowd.

Something like that.



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