It’s interesting how the same people who have been accusing the president of treason for nearly three years now are so angry at Liz Cheney for calling it like it is when it comes to Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. What’s that old saying …

Oh yeah.

Deal with it.


She is spot on about Nancy Pelosi as well as the Democrats. They really needed Mueller to find collusion and when he didn’t … welp, we’re really seeing panic start to set in. Just look at how the Left lost their shiznit over Liz pointing out that we have some serious issues within our intelligence communities, in particular with the FBI.

Preet seems upset.


Someone please get Preet a Snickers bar, STAT.

And speaking of needing a Snickers bar, this guy has been in a constant state of tantrum for years.


They’re so mad.

Somewhere Dick Cheney is laughing his arse off at these sorts of tweets.

And we imagine Liz finds them just as funny.

What’s really remarkable is the fact that people pay any attention to Dean’s tweets but we digress.

So. Mad.

Truth hurts.


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