The stupidity of Vox tweeting a propaganda video accusing Fox News of being propaganda may well have opened a rift in the space-time continuum … Wowza.

Talk about a steaming, pile of hot garbage.

Ok, and full transparency, this video is SO ANNOYING this editor wasn’t quite able to watch the whole thing because it is just that bad so don’t feel bad if you tap out before the end. 


Vox is adorable and not in a good way.

And this guy thinks he’s being funny and clever … kids these days.

Hate to break it to Vox but most of the people laughing at them are GenXrs, not boomers but WHATEVER helps them sleep at night.

Dude, right?

You know they cry on the inside.

Putting it nicely.


We have no idea but whatever it was, it’s awful.

We really should give them a trophy or something.


Sums them up nicely.


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