Wait, someone who works for MMFA deliberately edited a clip of Ben Shapiro to make him sound bad and shared it on Twitter in hopes of riling up the Twitter mob? Gosh, that’s so unlike them.

Oh, wait.

MMFA is just really awful. Wow.

But the MMFA hack knew people wouldn’t watch the actual clip and would just react to his tweet and the edited bit he shared. At the end of the day, it was nothing more than a troll, and a sloppy one at that.

And if you watch the clip you get that.

The nerve of Shapiro sharing facts. Who does he think he is?

They’re just proving they’re nothing more than part of the Twitter mob.


Disagree with Shapiro? Fine. Make your case. But dunking on him and pretending he’s some alt-right white supremacist because a dillhole at MMFA deliberately edited a clip to make him look bad is just so lame.

It’s what MMFA does.

It’s their bread and butter if you will.


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