We get what Alyssa Milano is trying to do here but we’re not sure she actually accomplished much other than making herself look hilarious and not in a good way. Yes, we make fun of actors when they have ridiculous opinions on politics and expect us to take them seriously.

Like Alyssa.

But to call Jon Voight an F-lister when she’s clearly a W-lister at best is just painful.

Someone is projecting.

Poor dear.


Alyssa not only blocked this editor personally but she also blocked Twitchy and believe it or not, we never called her any names. Have we laughed at her for being as dense as a bag of flour on the bottom of the ocean? Of course! But name calling?


We love that ‘Janell’ spelled her name wrong. Hoping that was on purpose

Awww, Tony Posnanski trying to defend her … that’s adorable.

She’ll notice you, buddy! Keep it up!

W? That sounds about right.


Seriously laughed out loud.

Like AOC she really is the gift that keeps on giving.


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