This editor first wrote about nobody blue-check Melinda Byerley waaaaay back in January of 2017.

Has it really been over two years?! Holy cow …

In 2017, Melinda wrote several not-so-nice tweets about middle America, basically crapping all over a large portion of this country because Hillary Clinton lost the election. The pushback on Twitter was so severe that Melinda later issued an apology, but reading these tweets from her NOW proves she learned nothing from the experience.

Note, we cannot share Melinda’s tweets as she has locked her account down; luckily ‘Nicoco’ was forward-thinking enough to grab screenshots.

Men don’t retweet women, reminds her of her dog marking its territory.

Alrighty then.

This editor happens to be a woman who has a decent amount of followers, many of whom happen to be DUDES and gosh, a lot of them retweet her … a lot. Maybe it’s not sexism that keeps men from retweeting Melinda, maybe it’s just that her tweets are hot garbage.

See what we mean?

Other women agree.

Wait, it’s not a sex/gender thing?

Get outta town.

Oh, that’s the other thing … it’s hard to retweet someone who has you blocked and it appears Melinda has done a LOT of blocking. Not to mention unless you follow her you cannot retweet her when she’s locked down.

But you know, SEXISM.

*eye freakin’ roll*


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