Peggy Noonan wrote a fairly epic piece on Twitter mobs for the Wall Street Journal. Noonan really nailed the mentality behind the mob, which as of late has been fueled mainly by Leftist rage-outlets like Media Matters whose one and only goal is to silence and even destroy people they disagree with. Look at what they are trying to do to Tucker Carlson.

Noonan points out that people are in constant fear that the mob will come for them and she drew a fascinating comparison between that very mob and the Chinese cultural revolution.

From the Wall Street Journal:

The air is full of accusation and humiliation. We have seen this spirit most famously on the campuses, where students protest harshly, sometimes violently, views they wish to suppress. Social media is full of swarming political and ideological mobs. In an interesting departure from democratic tradition, they don’t try to win the other side over. They only condemn and attempt to silence.

The spirit of the struggle session is all over Twitter. On literary Twitter social-justice, warriors get advance copies of new books and denounce them for deviationism—as insensitive, racist, appropriative, anti-LGBTQ. Books on the eve of publication have been pulled, sometimes withdrawn by authors who apologized profusely. Everyone’s scared. And the tormentors are not satisfied by an apology. They’re excited by it and prowl for more prey.

Never apologize to the mob because that just empowers them.


Oh no, Kara Swisher utterly disagrees with Noonan … whatever will she do? And clearly ol’ Swisher has never been the target of an angry Twitter mob or she wouldn’t be so quick to brush it off. Noonan responded as only she could:

This. Was. Awesome.

Condescension DRIPS from this tweet.

It’s truly an epic takedown, especially when she’s dealing with someone as condescending as Swisher.

Huzzah indeed.


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