You ever notice that Democrats can’t actually make any real and or substantial arguments when it comes to the budget? Whether it’s Rep. Jim McGovern losing his proverbial sh*t claiming ACID RAIN WILL KILL US ALL or Rep. Eric Swalwell babbling about the ‘promise of America’, they just can’t act like adults when the topic of money comes up.

Which is probably why they’re Democrats.

Yes, all the evil rich people are on the top floors and the rest of us little people are doing the work.

You know what’s funniest of all? He thought this was a good tweet.

Or his staff did.

What the Hell is the promise of America, anyway? How about not taxing us out of our ever-loving minds instead? Make that promise, Eric.

It’s right next to where it says Americans should only be allowed to carry certain guns, duh.

And if you thought Eric’s tweet was stuck on stupid, check out his followers:

Yes, Republicans are cutting taxes and giving this country one of its healthiest economies in YEARS because the Russians told them to.

Do these people have any idea how dense they look?

Never mind.

Actually, this is like the opposite of Trump’s economy but hey, whatever makes these folks feel more ‘resisty’ and stuff.

It is so easy to be a Democrat. They don’t actually have to do anything except pretend rich people aren’t paying enough taxes to support their pet projects and HEY THEY CARE so they’ll raise taxes.

What a racket, right?

Math is hard, man.


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