There’s nothing more ironic than reading a tweet from a Kennedy complaining about anyone else trying to hide the truth. Maybe he missed it but umm … he’s a KENNEDY.

Poor Joe. And he tried so hard here too:

Yes, they’re unified against a bill to strengthen our democracy.

Do these people read what they write? Seriously.

We’d remind Joe that we’re a Republic but it doesn’t seem to matter how many times we tell Democrats we’re not a Democracy so we’ll just write about how awesome Dan Crenshaw was in taking him apart.

Take a look:


But we thought it was the GOP who was against strengthening our ‘democracy.’

Gosh, we feel shocked.

Joe tried to answer back.

Ok, so tell us where Dan was wrong.


Notice Joe didn’t really correct Dan’s tweet.

And now we can’t even be overly snarky to Joe.


Still, Dan was a boss …

Notice Joe didn’t mention any of that.

Between this and their constant efforts to try and repeal the Electoral College it certainly is starting to feel like they can’t win if they play by the rules.


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