The sad yahoos at Media Matters REALLY and truly need to get a hobby.



Unless of course, their hobby is making giant fools of themselves on Twitter trying desperately to own and dunk on right-wing/conservative media … and failing at it.

Over and over again.

Like Matthew Gertz, who seemed really upset that Fox and Friends covered Jexodus, and even more upset that Trump tweeted about it. Jexodus is apparently a movement where the Jewish community is leaving the Democratic Party because it refuses to acknowledge and deal with anti-Semitic Democrats.

Nice of him to tell Jews and Black Americans who are leaving the Democratic Party that they don’t exist, eh?

We can’t help but notice Gertz wasn’t this upset when Ilhan Omar talked about how Jews bought the Republican Party but we digress.

Chad Felix Greene called the ‘senior fellow’ from Media Matters OUT.

He’s being a watchdog and stuff, duh.

*eye roll*

Ugh, there we go with rolling our eyes again.

He probably thinks if he pretends these movements don’t exist they won’t.

And the Left simply can’t DEAL with it.


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