Oh, the irony of anyone who writes for ‘The Bulwark’ complaining about anyone else ‘grifting.’

Is it possible to permanently damage one’s eyes from rolling them too much? Asking for a friend.

This morning, Fox News covered the fact that many Jews are leaving the Democratic Party because of their inability to deal with the blatant and shameful anti-Semitism of its own elected members. *cough cough Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib cough cough*

This ‘movement’ is being called ‘Jexodus’ and it is trending on Twitter.

President Trump also tweeted about Jexodus, which seemed to upset Media Matters’ dbag, Matthew Gertz. Molly Jong-Fast quote-tweeted Gertz and complained about ‘grifting’:

Then she deleted it.

Maybe it was in response to what Chad Felix Greene tweeted her:

She not only deleted the tweet but then blocked Chad, who just so happens to be Jewish.

All class with this gal.

When you tweet a lot of silliness and stupid, it happens.


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