Yesterday, the douchebags at Media Matters released a recording of Tucker Carlson on a radio show years and years ago that they thought should get him fired. Because that’s what they do. Don’t let them try and pretend they are actually watchdogs looking out for America, they’re a bunch of bullies who want to shut down anyone they disagree with.


Welp, as usual, their vapid audience jumped onboard and started demanding that Tucker be fired and calling for a boycott of Fox News, even though Tucker worked at MSNBC when he said those things.

Like we said, vapid.

After watching Tweeps call for the boycotting of his network all day, Brit Hume dropped this big ol’ truth nuke on the mob:


No wonder Media Matters is targeting Tucker – CNN, and MSNBC and sucking wind.

Big time.

Touchdown indeed.

Nothing makes your enemies angrier than your success (this editor knows that from experience).


They could claim nobody hates Trump as much as they do? Just spit-ballin’ here …

And of course, people calling Brit a sellout and trying to shame him for his and Fox News’ success were all over the tweet.

Because being wealthy and successful really sucks.

Well yeah, Fox had to compete against CNN and MSNBC for Obama’s entire administration.

Pardon us while we roll our eyes, a lot.

Super mature, as always.

He wasn’t helping.

He was owning.

Big difference.

Oh, we dunno, maybe like the rest of people on the Right he’s tired of getting beaten up all the time and so he’s fighting back?

Suck it up, Lefties.


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