Brian Stelter works and he slaves, and what thanks does he get?

Poor tater.

The Left IS out to get Tucker and they DO demand total conformity and damn right Fox News should never bend to the mob. Ol’ Bri seems upset that Fox News is standing behind Tucker and not allowing Media Matters to destroy his career and his livelihood over comments he made years and years ago.

We knew Brian was obsessed with Fox News (and if you see the ratings for CNN versus Fox News it’s easy to see why), but c’mon man.

Jim Treacher handled the tweet perfectly.


And damn.

Double damn.

So much damn in fact that it stopped being damn for just a moment and then came back around to be a real damn.


That’s Media Matters’ entire schtick.

Imagine if the Right had a group that went after Leftist media and tried to get their pundits fired. The screeching would be nonstop.

Wouldn’t hold your breath on Brian standing up for Tucker anytime soon.

Hall Monitor, duh.


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