As Twitchy reported, AOC was down to defend her GRRL Rashida Tlaib about her comments to Mark Meadows on tokenism. Because you know, she’s Alex from the Bronx and she’s all about the clapback these days.

Total bravery.


So powerful.

So deep.

So annoying.

Katie Pavlich noticed one teensy, weensy issue with AOC’s tweet though.

Mic dropped. It was so dropped in fact that Katie picked it back up and dropped it AGAIN.

And she speaks the truth.

Not the brightest crayon in the box either.


Well, this got confusing.

Oh, and of course since Katie dared to speak unkindly to their cult leader, the AOC zombies flipped out:

Oh NO, not a mean comment on Katie’s hair! THE HORROR.

Man, there are so many opportunities for ‘mom jokes’ on this thread.

The irony of these comments.

The GOP language.


Who ARE these people? You know what, don’t answer that.


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