Once again instead of covering the news, Jim Acosta IS the news. We’re pretty sure he’s missed the point of what it means to be a journalist but we knew that LONG ago.

From TheWrap:

Fox News host Laura Ingraham laced into CNN correspondent Jim Acosta on Thursday, mocking her network rival over his complaints about President Trump’s handling of the press during his summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un in Vietnam.

“Jim Acosta of CNN. He’s a nice person. He was complaining this morning on television — I know that’s not news — he was complaining that President Trump didn’t call on U.S. media at the summit presser and that he only called on the Russian and the Chinese journalists,” Ingraham said during her speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday. “Kind of interesting and kind of sad because he’d probably get a better shake from the Chinese and Russian journalists.”

‘He’s a nice person.’


Oh, she’s killing us.

Shocker, Jim was whining that Trump didn’t call on him enough and double shocker that he couldn’t deal with a tiny bit of constructive criticism from Laura Ingraham.

Dear Diary,

That blonde woman was mean to me! Can you believe it?! Doesn’t she know who I am? Oh, Diary, it’s so hard being such an important and brave firefighter, if only more people understood what I go through, every day.

Only you truly get me, Diary.



This freakin’ guy. C’mon Jim, she called you a nice person.

Even though he didn’t bother to tag Laura she managed to see his whiny tweet and addressed him directly.

Try it sometime.


Gold star for the Deadpool gif.


Dropped on his head?! We could watch James Woods SCHOOL Andrew Cuomo on the Constitution all day LONG

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