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Jen Psaki: 'Russians Targeted Me' and Other Precious Gems From Little Red Lying Hood

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

In case you haven't noticed, former White House Press Secretary (and current 'journalist') Jen Psaki has a new book to promote. We kind of like her better when she's tucked away at MSNBC where no one has to see or watch her. 


But with her book Say More: Lessons from Work, the White House, and the World hitting the shelves earlier this month, she's been making the rounds anywhere that will have her. Her book tour didn't get off to such a stunning start though when she claimed that Joe Biden never looked at his watch during the Abbey Gate ceremony for soldiers who died in his botched Afghanistan withdrawal. This was an obvious lie and she was forced to correct it.  

(Author's Note: The best part about that was that, just a week or so earlier, she was laughing at Kristi Noem for not knowing what was in her book, in reference to Noem claiming she had met with Kim Jong Un. Guess Psaki didn't review the contents of her tome too carefully either).

As her botched tour continued after that, Psaki recently sat down with fellow 'journalist' Kara Swisher to discuss all of the 'lessons' she learned. And wait'll you get a load of some of these doozies. 

Apparently, the biggest lessons in Psaki's book are to lie as often as you can and sound really dumb whenever possible. Let's take a look: 


Abbenante's tweet continues: 

I'm talking about people who worked in the Kremlin, like the government. 
Made up a term called 'Psaki-ing'. Which they defined as 'making up something you didn't know.' 

Sure Jan, Psaki. 'Russia Russia Russia!' 
You developed a reputation for 'making things up' because you consistently *checks notes* made things up during your tenure as Press Secretary. 
Liberals live in the accountability free zone where everything is blamed on Russia, Trump, White people, Christianity, or the patriarchy.

LOL. OK, first of all, we love the term 'Psaki-ing.' It's SO appropriate. We're stealing that one. If that makes us Russian agents, well, just pass us the vodka and borscht.

Secondly, Abbanante is correct. It was AMERICANS who were calling Psaki out. Because when she wasn't 'circling back,' she was just outright lying or making things up. 

But sure. It was ALLLL Russia. 

But it gets even better. Here is another clip from Psaki and Swisher's super-intelligent conversation: 

Really? Trump named Space Force after the TV show? Maybe Psaki should open a book other than her own sometime. 

It's amazing that these people think they are smarter than us. 


And, hilariously, they also think that they're 'journalists.'

If Psaki is a journalist, then this writer is the starting left defenseman for the Boston Bruins. (Swisher isn't really a journalist either, but that's for another article.)

It seems no one else believes she is a journalist either. Or believes anything else she had to say. 

Psaki claiming that Russia was out to get her sounds a lot like Taylor Lorenz claiming people were saying she was having an affair with Elon Musk when Musk has never heard of her

Judging by her apparel, she seems a LOT more obsessed with Putin than Putin is with her. 

We didn't call her 'Little Red Lying Hood' in the White House Press Room for nothing. 

Bizarre and more than a little narcissistic. The term 'delusions of grandeur' comes to mind. 


OF COURSE, Russia's 'targeting' of her was completely 'gender-based.' Always have to pull out whatever victim card that you can. Never mind that she never mentions HOW it was gender-based. We're just supposed to believe that because she said it. 

And let's not forget her 'Space Force' comment. 

Unlike Palin, who never actually said 'I can see Russia from my house,' here is Psaki proudly proclaiming her ignorance about Space Force. 

And her claim that she is now a journalist? 


Well, by that criteria, maybe she is. 

On second thought, that title fits her much better. 

LOL. She 'identifies' as a journalist. 

But maybe this tweet sums up the Swisher-Psaki Summit -- and Jen Psaki's entire professional life -- better than any of the others: 

There it is. Perfection. 

But we're still stealing the term 'Psaki-ing.' Because it's just too on the nose, LOL. 

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