You guys remember Senator Jeff Merkley, right? Well, if not, don’t feel bad, he’s pretty easy to forget. This is the guy who crashed and burned when he tried to explain what socialism is … he’s also one of those senators who keeps braying about Trump taking kids from their parents at the border because he hates brown people or something.

Yeah, he’s a Democrat.

And for whatever reason, he thought it was a real zinger on Trump siding with Kim Jong-un.

Don’t make that face, we didn’t write it.

Yeah, Jeff, that will show Trump!

But Orange Man BAD!!!

Jamie Farr is still alive you guys! Yeah, total sidenote but that’s amazing.

Anything is possible.

Remember, this guy couldn’t define the simplest of terms.

Yeah, if ol’ Jeff isn’t talking smack about Trump he doesn’t really know what to tweet.

This went well, Jeff.

Way to go.


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