James Woods is our spirit animal.

Ok, so is Rep. Dan Crenshaw, Nikki Haley, Dana Loesch, Kyle Kashuv, Cam Edwards, Ben Shapiro, and a bunch of other total badas*es on Twitter, BUT more often than not we find ourselves laughing at James’ timeline and then thinking, ‘Holy CRAP we’re glad this guy is on our side.’

For example, his tweet on Cuomo signing a gun confiscation law into place is on point, smart, with just a hint of brutal:

What James said.

From bluntforcetruth.com:

The legislation allows the court system to seize legally owned firearms without a criminal conviction. Private individuals, law enforcement and school administration can request that judges impose gun confiscation on those they personally deem a threat to themselves or others.

The bill lays out a process through which a judge can issue an order preventing individuals deemed to be a security risk from either possessing or buying a gun for six days.

During that period, a hearing would be held in which the judge could extend the gun ownership ban for up to a year- all without any form of criminal conviction, and merely at the request on an individual who deems another to be a dangerous threat.

Hard to believe this is happening in America, right?

Then again, maybe it’s not.

We find ourselves saying that a lot these days.

California and Virginia beg to differ.

True dat.


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