So is Rep. Ted Deutch’s name pronounced ‘Dutch’ or ‘Douche’ because boy howdy, when he went after Dana Loesch out of the blue he was sure acting a lot like the second one. What was he thinking?!

You know what, don’t answer that.

Wow. Ol’ Douche … err … Deutch just basically accused Dana of not caring if people die by firearm.

What a disgusting toad.

Hey, at least he tagged her though, right? Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to take his tweet, shine it up real nice, turn that sumb*tch sideways and shove it up his candy ass! Hrm, maybe this editor should cut back on caffeine again this morning.

Anyway, Dana didn’t hold back.

Oh, wait, it gets better.

And the TKO:

Someone might want to get Deutch an icepack or some aloe, just sayin’.

By the way, the coward never answered her.


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