As Twitchy reported, Senator Chris Murphy wrote a fairly heartless and batsh*t thread about how Democrats shouldn’t support Trump sending humanitarian aid to Venezuela because he is supposedly trying to influence a civil war or something by feeding a bunch of hungry people.

Talk about someone who has Stage 1 BAZILLION Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Welp, it looks like GOP Chairwoman, Ronna McDaniel, called him out over his thread …

And Chris got a teensy bit defensive:

Holy crap, dude.

No one is inciting war.

If Chris went any further off the deep end he’d break some sort of space-time continuum.

We have a few words for him but they’d just get us in trouble.

While we think Chris’ original thread and his defense of the thread is sad, the people who are shaking their little fists in agreement with the idea of denying aid to Venezuela to dunk on Trump is the saddest of all.

Look at these people:


Uhh, yeah?



We got nothin’.

Democrats started it all. Yup.


In other words, these folks would rather just let Venezuelans suffer. ‘STARVING VENEZUELANS TO OWN THE CONS!’

Talk about playing politics … wow.


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