We make fun of a lot of people for their various stages of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

True story.

Originally, the joke itself was that people would be so absolutely broken by Donald Trump that they’d lose their marbles but that soon became a reality and the joke lost its ‘lol factor’. There are truly people out there who aren’t able to think clearly or use common sense simply because Trump is president.

And when we see that in an elected official? Yikesville.

Like this wildly insane and quite frankly heartless thread on aid to Venezuela from Sen. Chris Murphy.

Yes, Chris, Trump wants to help Venezuelans so he can trigger a war.

You caught him.

Logic. Seriously?!


K, chief.

Chris, this tweet has a GIANT ‘but’ in it.

Are you guys still reading this? OMG.

Another ‘but’.

FFS, Chris.

Ok, this editor is officially confused. Chris doesn’t want the US helping Venezuelans because this is some sort of conspiracy on Trump’s part to push a civil war? Because that’s what it looks like but you know, this editor makes cow fart jokes and picks on Ron Perlman … she could be missing something.

If not, wow.


We’re not sure he can help it.

Well, they’re still starving and dying but in Chris’ warped little mind that’s worth it to dunk on Trump.

That. ^

All Democrats had to do was NOT be crazy.


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