Unless you live under a rock (and with the political environment we’re looking at these days we could hardly blame you), you’ve heard Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s comments on her silly Green New Deal and how she claimed to be the boss.

She says a lot of stupid stuff but this was monumentally ignorant.

What sort of elected official thinks comments like that are in any way appropriate?

Dana Loesch had an idea …

C’mon now, we don’t all need to eat hamburgers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner ya’ know.

Fair point.

And then some.

Ugh, bite your tongue!

But probably. *eye roll*

Nah, they’re too busy urinating in jugs so they can make coffee out of it later in the day. THAT’S IN THE GREEN NEW DEAL … we’re not even making that up. Scary stuff, right?

We know exactly what she means.

How ’bout dat indeed.


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