It’s been a while since we wrote a, ‘Hey, look at how silly this feminist’s take is on X.’ We’ve been a teensy bit distracted by AOC and the Democrats going full-out socialist crazy but Laurie Penny sharing this take about trophy wives in tech somehow ended up on our radar.

And wow.

A feminist with a bad take.


Some things never change.

Sorta like Christina Sommers owning feminists over and over and over and over again.

Psh. If women aren’t falling in line with the feminist agenda clearly they’re just being controlled by some evil white man somewhere.

Bethany Mandel had a thing or FIVE to say about this take as well.

Everyone except those evil men.

Fixed it for her.

What she said.


FFS, if you have to reference the 50s to prove your point you’ve already lost.

Of course, they will ignore any data that doesn’t back up their ‘men are evil’ agenda.

Quiet oppressor!

Yes, yes this is crap.

Welcome to third-wave feminism.

Modern feminists want choice for women as long as it’s the choice they want them to make.



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