Trump trolled the crap out of Elizabeth Warren and her followers on Saturday by mocking her for LYING about her Native American heritage, so of course, her supporters on the Left sh*t the bed because THAT’S RACIST.

That’s MEAN.

You know what’s really racist and mean? Lying about your heritage so you can take advantage of programs and opportunities meant for an actual minority group BUT Trump said something about seeing her on the campaign TRAIL and that is somehow worse.

Don’t make that face, we don’t make up the rules, we just make fun of them.

Dana Loesch had ENOUGH of the bellyaching and unloaded:

She’s right, you know.

And you know what that means:

Gotta love the scolds on the Left.

No, not really.

Dude, walk away.

These people never freakin’ learn.

Oof, he got the ‘God bless.’

But that’s DIFFERENT and stuff because Truuuuuuuump.

True story.



Who wants to bet this guy deletes this tweet before the day is out?


At the end of the day, this is what the actual outrage should be about …

Sums it up PERFECTLY.


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