We haven’t written about Rosie O’Donnell for a while now (you’re welcome), but she made our radar this morning being her usual, hateful, batsh*t self …

Classy, ain’t she?

Yeah, if you’re looking for someone who has Trump Derangement Syndrome so badly they’ve all but lost their ability to function as an adult look no further than Rosie. Wonder what she’d do if we pointed out that her hatred of Trump has her acting just like him?

Chad Felix Greene called Rosie OUT:

But TRUMP! And anyone associated with Trump must be a hater and mean ol’ Pence supports traditional marriage and was uninformed of what it meant to be gay DECADES AGO so he must be destroyed or something.

Wonder if Rosie hated Obama and Hillary this much before they ‘evolved’ on gay marriage to secure the LGBTQ vote?

It’s her thing.

Must. Not. Make. The. Easy. Joke. Here.

Tell us how you really feel.


That’s asking a lot.

True story.

To say the least.


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