On Tuesday, February 5, Conservative media suffered a huge loss when Doc Thompson was tragically killed while jogging. As the news spread through social media people were shocked, saddened, and could already feel the hole Doc being gone would leave behind.

He was such a force, using humor and snark to reach people about liberty, freedom … you know, all the boring stuff that we’re told shouldn’t be fun. Doc made it fun.

Truth be told, he changed the way we talk about politics on the air and of course on Twitter, which is where we had great fun covering his various hashtags over the years. So as far as this editor is concerned, one of the best ways we can honor and remember Doc is by highlighting some of his hashtags and the tweets that made them trend.



FYI, there are still a few feminists who are really pissed off about this hashtag.

Good stuff, right?


Oh yeah, Doc ticked Alyssa Milano off … at least once.



When his cohort, Krus Cruz, was getting married another hashtag was inspired:

Note: Speaking with Kris Kruz is what ultimately inspired this piece – true story.


Ewwww. Gross.

But funny.


Don’t give them any ideas!


Don’t ask.

Because we couldn’t tell ya’.

And of course, this post would not be complete without #WhatILearnedToday, which is filled with lovely tweets remembering Doc:

RIP Doc. This rabbit will miss you. -sj


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