Awww, look at how powerful Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was calling out the dark money in politics these days. Even James Corden got super excited and shared it because wow, girl power and stuff.


Well, she sure showed THEM.


Or did she?

Watch the REST of the video.

Amazing indeed.


Ha. Wow. And the way her fans reacted tells us everything about how AOC got elected. They just don’t know (or don’t really care) about how things actually work. It’s all about the clapback and sh*t-talking on Twitter.

Which is oddly how Trump got elected BUT that’s another story.

C’mon, Democrats, please tell us you’re primarying this woman before she completely destroys your party.

Wait, strike that, reverse it.

AOC looks like she just got schooled because she DID.

Of course.

Look, if she really wants to work on campaign refinance she needs to educate herself on it just a teensy bit better. Let’s hope this was a learning opportunity for her …

HA HA HA HA, yeah right.


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