With the release of AOC’s ‘Green New Deal’ plan, we can finally understand why she and other Democrats have been talking about raising taxes on billionaires to such ridiculously high levels. They need someone to pay for those people who are going to somehow make the cows stop farting.

And we thought 2018 was dumb.

What’s interesting about politicians openly talking about stealing, but only from those evil rich billionaires, is how many Leftists (and even some NeverTrump people, same thing?) seem to be ok with this. Hey, as long as they’re robbing someone else that’s cool, right Lefties?

Until they figure out that taxing billionaires even at 100% isn’t going to pay for all their bullsh*t.

Carol Roth summed it up perfectly (and powerfully):

We so adore this woman.

True story.

TAXATION IS THEFT! *shakes fist*

It’s all about the power.


Did we mention how much we adore Carol?

And a desire to control the ‘little people.’



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