Whoever is feeding Rep. Ilhan Omar these ridiculous talking points really needs to take a step back because they’re just making her look like a big ol’ dummy. Hey, we get it, she’s a Democrat (socialist?) and their bread and butter is whining about how the government should make mean ol’ employers pay people more without looking at the reality of how allowing the government to set a minimum wage in the first place is what hurts these people BUT we digress.

This is her platform.


But there is no way the median pay for a McDonald’s worker (working fulltime) in 2017 was $7000.

Now, if she was including high school students who realize working at McDonald’s is not a career and they work 15-20 hours a week so they have gas money and can get their Starbucks, fine. But to pretend this is the reality of people working at McDonald’s is shameless.

And silly.

Dean Cain saw right through it.

Enough with your math privilege!

If Ilhan and other Democrats really wanted to help people working at McDonald’s as a living they would fight to remove the federal law that allows an employer to legally pay a minimum but they don’t get that. In their little heads, only the government can help people so they look to the government to deal with it.

And the poor souls working at places like McDonald’s think they’re actually doing them a favor.

They don’t.

They just know the people they pander and lie to in order to stay in power have been convinced that’s what they need so they push it like any other talking point.

Gross, right?

True story.

We could totally get behind this.



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