Plenty of memes of female House Democrats wearing white being compared to the Klan were floating around Twitter after the SOTU. And sure, considering Democrats created the KKK the joke worked BUT it was pretty low-hanging fruit.

Not that it wasn’t funny, it was. But it wasn’t as powerful as the meme James Woods shared.

See for yourself.


When Trump talked about record low unemployment for minorities and people with developmental disabilities, these harpies sat on their hands and made faces like they’d smelled a fart. But the MOMENT Trump gave them credit for getting elected it was like some sad pillow fight at the saddest and creepiest slumber party ever.

Democrats don’t care about minorities, they care about the minority vote.

Democrats don’t care about women, they care about the women’s vote.

Democrats don’t care about the LGBTQ community, they care about the LGBTQ vote.

Seeing a pattern here?

They care about staying in POWER, never let them tell you otherwise.



Oh look, there goes Debbie Wasserman Schultz!

Settle down, it’s just a joke.

Join the club.


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