Sure, the State of the Union was two days ago BUT MAN oh man, this thread of ‘faces’ of Democrats watching Trump is one of the funniest damn things we’ve seen in a long time. Trump actually did a fantastic job with his speech Tuesday night and while we know Democrats made several unpleasant faces at the president, this thread putting them all together is just so perfect.


Nancy, sucking her teeth, Bernie looks like he might be trying to pass gas … Manchin looks amused.

Side note, most of the people commenting on this thread were claiming neither Bernie nor Manchin is a Democrat.


There’s more.

Chuck looks like the Wicked Witch of the West without the green paint, dude is lucky no one dumped water on him. And what is wrong with Kamala, she looks confused. To be fair, none of them look like they really understand what Trump was saying.


She looks like she’s trying to remember if she left the oven on at home. Rashida thinking there’s no place like home and wow, Kirsten Gillibrand is super shiny.

Best grouping yet.

That is all.

This is why we need term limits, people.

Wonder if Tim Kaine was trying to remember where left his yearbook.

Oh, Virginia …

Seems a good many people were angry that Bernie Sanders was included as a Democrat, even though he ran as one in the last Democratic presidential primary.

That’s their takeaway?

Alrighty then.

In the meantime, we’ll just keep laughing at them.


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