Kamala Harris is trying SO HARD to get attention now that she’s announced she’s running for president, but that darn ol’ AOC keeps stealing her thunder. It’s really hard to be the Democrat’s ‘IT’ girl when the gal who’s a couple of decades younger than you keeps getting all of the attention.

So we’re not surprised to see a bunch of quite honestly desperate tweets from her trashing the gun lobby.

That being said, we’re not sure she totally thought through picking a fight people like Dana Loesch …


Like we said, no way Kamala thought this through.

There was more.

Ouch again.

We know Dana is being facetious here but we’re not surprised Kamala isn’t talking about how crappy she was on convicting gun-related crimes.

She’s gotta hang in there with AOC which is hilarious when you think about it.

It’s gonna be a long year or so for Kamala if she insists and spouting lies about firearms.


That’s the law, Kamala.


Oh, and FYI, Kamala never bothered to answer Dana and we’re guessing it was because she couldn’t without getting destroyed further.

Hopefully, she did read what Dana sent her though because she is either grossly uninformed or counting on her supporters to be … maybe a little bit of both.


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