As Twitchy readers know, Rob Lowe made a joke about Elizabeth Warren that really ticked off the Left. Apparently mocking her for lying about being a Native American is actually meaner than her taking monies and opportunities meant for a minority group … yeah, it’s dumb.

And it’s the Left so we’re not exactly surprised.

Rob deleted the EVIL JOKE:

Didn’t see the joke?

It’s interesting how they’re angrier at Rob for joking about Lieawatha than they are about the actual lies she told but eh …

Seriously, look at these people:

It was a joke?

Holy crap, America has lost its sense of humor.



Oh, good, Tony Posnanski chimed in … said literally nobody ever.

Imagine going through life with a stick wedged this far up your backside.


All of this being said, there were several tweets to Rob about how he shouldn’t have deleted the joke but the best response we saw was this one from someone of Cherokee heritage:

He GETS it.

Elizabeth Warren deserved this joke and many, many, many more.


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