Yes, laid-off journos and their apologists are still reporting anyone and everyone to Twitter who dares tell them they should learn to code and yes, this is the lamest ‘hate speech’ to make the social media sphere in a long time.

Perhaps if they actually understood where ‘learn to code’ came from and why people keep using it? It’s not a GamerGate thing as some on the Left have claimed, no no, it’s a media thing, as John Ekdahl explains in this epic thread.

What’s insulting is Twitter treating this as some sort of hate speech, but we digress.

How soon they forget.

How conveniently they forget.


Have fun with that, evil coal miners.

That. ^

They have empathy, just for certain people though.


Nailed it.

It’s all about the right people losing the right jobs to the folks who are outraged about this whole ‘learn to code’ silliness on Twitter. And if anyone dares remind them of how callous and heartless they were about coal miners and other jobs they deemed less than it’s a hate crime.

Can’t make this crap up.


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