You’d think after the disaster the Left and the media (the same thing, really) made of the Covington Catholic High School kids story they’d have figured out that picking on kids to dunk on Trump is maybe NOT the best idea.

But it is the Left we’re talking about here … so yeah.

An 11-year-old boy named Josh Trump has been invited to the SOTU tonight because the level of bullying he has received at school over his last name is monumental. Kids can be cruel as it is, but if their parents are saying horrible things at home about Trump they’re only feeding bullies like this. Once the news broke that Josh would be attending SOTU, the Left once again showed their true colors and came for the boy.


They are indeed.

Anything it takes to dunk on Trump.

This is just a sample of how gross these people can be.

How long ya’ got? If we go through everything that is wrong with adults bullying an 11-year-old kid because his last name is Trump we’ll be here for a while.

From the Washington Post:

An 11-year-old boy who says he’s been bullied because of his last name — Trump — will be one of President Trump and first lady Melania Trump’s guests at the State of the Union on Tuesday, the White House announced.

Joshua Trump, a sixth-grade student from Wilmington, Del., who is not related to the president, drew headlines last year after his parents went public to share stories of the abuse they said he had suffered because of his last name.

“They curse at him, they call him an idiot, they call him stupid,” his mother, Megan Trump Berto, told ABC affiliate WPVI at the time.

The issue has been ongoing for years, his parents said. They even pulled Joshua out of school for homeschooling at one point but decided to enroll him in middle school with the hope that the bullying would decrease. It didn’t.

“He said he hates himself, and he hates his last name, and he feels sad all the time, and he doesn’t want to live feeling like that anymore, and as a parent that’s scary,” Trump Berto said.

No words.

And now a bunch of a-hole Lefties on Twitter are attacking the kid too.

When the Left shows you who they are, believe them.


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