Awww yes, another chapter in the ‘learn to code’ OPPRESSION journos are suffering at the hands of the evil far-right.

We can’t even make this up.

From New Republic:

Then the responses started rolling in—some sympathy from fellow journalists and readers, then an irritating gush of near-identical responses: “Learn to code.” “Maybe learn to code?” “BETTER LEARN TO CODE THEN.” “Learn to code you useless bitch.” Alongside these tweets were others: “Stop writing fake news and crap.” “MAGA.” “Your opinions suck and no one wants to read them.” “Lmao journalists are evil wicked cretins. I wish you were all jail [sic] and afraid.”

I looked at the mentions of my editors, who had been laid off after years at HuffPost, and of other journalists who had lost their jobs. There they were, the swarm of commentators, with their same little carbuncular message: “Learn to code.”


While it’s difficult to trace the origins of brigading—like most of internet history, its beginnings are ephemeral—the term, and its tactics, came to new prominence during the loosely organized and militantly misogynist harassment campaign known now as GamerGate, which unfolded over the course of 2014 and 2015.

Awww, so people telling laid-off journos to ‘learn to code’ is GamerGate’s fault.

Not that Obama told a bunch of laid-off miners they could learn to code … no no, it’s GamerGate.


Wait … a sketchy account told him to LEARN TO CODE?!?


Well, thank GOODNESS Twitter suspended that mean ol’ account because that’s a serious hate crime and stuff.

If this editor rolled her eyes any further back into her head she might permanently damage them.


It actually is really good advice, but we digress.

Gold star for the Python reference.

Nothing stops people from telling you not to code like bragging about how you’re reporting people for telling you to learn to code.

BUT DUDE, people are being mean to JOURNOS ON TWITTER!

Side note: This editor has literally been threatened with all sorts of horrible things and Twitter very rarely intervenes. Just sayin’.

So very brave.


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