Jessica Valenti seems displeased with an Atlantic article about late-term abortions.

She thinks they should be embarrassed, but after reading this thread we’re pretty sure SHE’S the one who should be embarrassed.

The horror.

20-week abortions seem pretty damn late term to this editor but we digress.

So Jessica is claiming women abort babies post 20-weeks because of Republicans. Surely she can go no lower than this.

She did.

Of course, she did.

Ok, I’m sorry guys, but I have to break the ‘Twitchy wall’ here because I am the mother of a now teenage-girl who was born at 28 weeks. Valenti using her experience as some sort of proof that she is an expert on prematurity to try justifying late-term abortion is disgusting. Like there is only so low people can go and she passed it. The idea of watching very tiny babies, yes, as little as 21 weeks, survive the NICU and live full lives and still being able to push for babies that age to be aborted … well, there are no words.

She’s seriously using premature infants to advocate for abortion while blaming the GOP.

You know what’s vile, Jessica?

This just gets worse and worse.

Gosh, sorry kids if you’re sick or cost too much that means you don’t get to live.

I honestly can’t believe the crap I read somedays on Twitter.

Luckily, there were plenty of pissed off preemie parents JUST LIKE ME who were ready to tell her to blow:


Neither can I.

PS: Yes, that is my daughter in the featured image on our homepage, born at 28 1/2 weeks weighing less than a large soda at McDonald’s. Preemies are amazing.


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