You can always tell you’re reading a Super Bowl tweet from someone who is clueless about sports when it sounds a little bit like a dad joke but even dumber.

Like this tweet from Brian Krassenstein.

GO ROBERT MUELLER is so clunky.

Admit it, if you’ve heard the Krassenstein’s podcast you totally read this in his voice. Kind of like a chipmunk on helium, right?

You might as well ask why the sun shines … ok, so there’s probably some scientific reason the sun shines (go ahead, scolds, get it out of your system) but this is a constant for many people on the Left. C’mon, the Super Bowl was really damn boring but tweeting about Mueller? Dude, just don’t.

It’s early yet.


Go outside, get some fresh air.

Oh, man.




Hey, thanks Bri! Great tweet.


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