This video released by Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann’s attorneys is absolutely infuriating. Sure, the media has moved on to some new controversy or outrage (currently, many of them are trying to pretend since Big League Politics has a right-leaning slant that people should doubt their reporting on Northam), but the damage they did to Nick Sandmann and the other students isn’t going away anytime soon.

It is nearly 15 minutes long, but it is totally worth your time to watch.

Covington kids aren’t letting this go. And they shouldn’t.

True story, that video was painful for this editor to watch. The social media mob and machine came for a bunch of high school kids … it doesn’t get much lower than that.

Brutal indeed.

Phillips has a history of picking fights for attention. There were also questions about how truthful he was regarding his service in Vietnam.

They might want to watch it. Just sayin’.

Get your popcorn, this is gonna be GOOD.


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