If you thought Super Bowl 53 was bad, did you see the ridiculous commercials this time around? Sure, there were a few decent ones (Burger King’s ad featuring Andy Warhol was actually pretty damn cool and this editor may have smirked during the ‘corn syrup’ dig), but overall, most of the ads were agenda-driven, ridiculous, lectures about one social-justice issue or another.

We’re seriously starting to wonder if the NFL actually knows who is watching their programming because odds are, that Patriots fan shaking his fist and yelling every curse word under the sun doesn’t give two sh*ts if Michelob has an organic brew now.

The ad though that we think got the most interesting reaction of the night was Scientology’s … but not because of the ad itself (which is, well, interesting), but because of the way Mr. Peanut responded to it on Twitter.


Super Bowl wishes it had been this entertaining.

Oh, and in case you miss the ad and wonder what the fuss is all about:

Hey, if this is your thing, we’re not judging.

But well … yeah.

Oh Twitter, promise us you’ll never change.


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