Super Bowl 53 was less than entertaining.

Unless you’re a Patriots fan but c’mon, you guys have to admit this felt more like a preseason game than the Super Bowl. Even if you’re someone who loves watching good defense, this was just not the level of play we’ve come to expect from the NFL. And it wasn’t just this editor who was incredibly bored during the game, Wendy’s and a gaggle of goofy brands took to Twitter to amuse themselves at the Super Bowl’s expense.

This is far more entertaining than anything we saw last night, EXCEPT Gladys Knight, she was EPIC.


Wendy’s never disappoints on Twitter. In fact, if Twitter held a Super Bowl of the brands and the way to win was roasting people and being hilarious in general, Wendy’s would be the Patriots of fast food.

That being said, these other brands are pretty damn funny as well.

MoonPie chimed in:


And then Pop-Tarts actually had a whole convo with Wendy’s:

For some reason, the visual of Wendy’s hanging out with Pop-Tarts makes this editor very happy.

Don’t forget Little Debbie:

Little Debbie has feelings too.

Insomnia cookies sound sleepy and delicious.

Mercedes actually tweeted something not-so-supportive yet pretty damn funny about the Super Bowl which they deleted. But thanks to the good people on Twitter, we have it.

So. Damn. Hilarious.

And thank goodness something was entertaining because even the commercials were suckage for the most part. Organic beer? Who do they think is watching the Super Bowl?!


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